Latest 06.14.11

New shows and new gallery coming soon!

Queer little offspring emerge from the intriguing marriage of photography, sculpture, assemblage and digital art. Each element is like a body part sewn up into a completely new, ugly little being!. Let's see...fingernail, eyeball... ew, is that an earlobe?

There are rumours ...whispers around the Lab's rather fetid water cooler that I've been seen with several books by Dave Mckean, a few Joel Peter Whitkin prints, many curious, tiny objects that may or may not have belonged to Joseph Cornell, a copy of the Dadaist Manifesto and a Tim Burton video. All in an unkempt room, in a questionable part of town, and all at the same time!
It's not true I tell you!

Pocketskeleton Labs is a fledgeling freelance business. Trusty Igor and I send my creations off to independent presses, magazines and record labels where they pose as cover art, book illustrations, even editorial and spot illustrations. They generally pester anyone they encounter and have also been known to turn up in the guise of logos and web graphics. Once in a while they get delusions of being fine art and appear in galleries.

Would you like something cooked up for you in the lab? Please contact me!
You can also pick up pretties in the booteek

Pocketskeleton Labs · 1391 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #239 Washington DC 20003

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